Thursday, December 16, 2010

At Last

This is what comes out of my mind on a lonely, late night...REVISED Nov 15th 2012. This is for all my "50 Shades" friends. :)   

She spent hours on the plane anxiously waiting to see him... So much time in the last six months was spent talking to him online, on the phone, throughout various means of communication and she has finally agreed with him to meet. But this time it would be different, in person... Just the mere thought of seeing him in front of her sends butterflies to her belly. Will he kiss her when he sees her? Would his hug be as gentle and strong as she has imagined? Would he actually like her? The thoughts of him made her blush. The pilot’s voice comes through the speakers, pulling her out of the dreamland, announcing the arrival time should be in ten minutes. “Please, fasten your seat belts and remain seated until the plane has landed and we come to a complete stop”. She smiles nervously and spends the next few minutes daydreaming. Again.

The noise from other passengers on a flight LR612 brings her back to reality once again. She gathers her bags and anxiously starts walking out with the rest of the travelers.
As she comes out of the hallway that connects the plane and the terminal she searches for him. As soon as she sees him waiting, he looks up, their eyes meet and there is instant attraction between them. He smiles... The huge stir of excitement and mysterious flows through her body and she runs to him. He opens his arms and takes her in. Yes, his hug is everything she has imagined, she smiles looking up at him... He cannot control his urge any longer, he has waited way too long for her touch, and for her kiss...  bending down he kisses her... The time stops, she gets week in her knees, but his strong arms hold her tight. He lifts her off the floor kissing her until they both lose their breath... Suddenly he stops, holds her beautiful face in his hands and says: “I'm never gonna let you go”.

Tiny whisper from his lips reaches her ear: “I have been waiting so long for you to come into my life and now that you're here it feels so unreal. You are so much more than I hoped for. I want you baby... I can't wait any longer; you have been everything on my mind for months...”
She smiles and says quietly: “Yes.... take me home”.

After finally settling into the cab, on their way to his home, they retreat into each other’s arms, just quietly talking and not trying to think of what will happen next. With arrival to his little apartment; he takes her bags and lets her in. She looks around... Apartment’s stark white walls are staring at her as to say you're here, you're finally here… She can feel his presence when he comes in after her. Approaching her from behind, he hugs her again, almost scared that she will vanish; his kisses caress herbeautiful neck gently... The kiss sends goose bumps down her back as she turns around to meet his lips. Yes, those luscious lips she imagined kissing so many lonely nights... With yet another soft kiss he whispers hoarsely: “Don't ever leave”.
There is no pretending any more, she needs him. The hunger for him prevails over everything else at the moment. There is no more inhibition, she starts kissing him...slowly at first...but the temperature rises slowly all around them. They become more aware of their surrounding... Every little moan becomes tenser.... she wants him; she doesn't want to wait any longer... She proceeds by taking his shirt off and tossing it on the floor. Taken aback by his lean, athletic, sexy body she quivers. Every little muscle on his chest and abdomen tensing as he moves toward her sends arousal to her body. His strong muscular arms are so hot, she thinks to herself. His body gets closer to her, its warm... so sexy... Her breath speeds up considerably. Gently he lifts her up, kisses her soft lips and caries her away to his room. Kissing her lips affectionately makes her desire him even more.  Tenderly he lays her down on his bed unbuttoning her red silky shirt, reveals her red bra... His tongue slithers down to her chest, and she moans... Without thinking and with every bit of their body consumed by craving they undress each other and their bodies tangle into one. Their kisses and their touch become zestier; they are two entities, burning with desire...

Their lips unite once more giving each other their only breath. Look in his eyes pleads with her desperately. Nodding her head slightly gives him reassurance that she wants him just the same. Meager smile on those delicious lips send trembles down her body making her wet. It’s almost like he can smell her wetness his fingers find their way there down to her sex. His hand cups her sex with fingers gently stroking her wetness. The warmth of her sacred juice makes his head hazy. She squirms and soft moans escape her sweet lips bringing his attention back to her beautiful succulent mouth.
“You are so beautiful”, words flow inaudibly from his lips.  Those stunning, almond shaped, brown eyes that she loves so much darken with passion. Holding her close, his lips caress hers, moving to her neck, than down to her gorgeous breast leaving wet trail on her skin where his tongue touched. His teeth gently nibble her hard aroused nipples making her whole body quiver. Slowly following her curves with his hands and mouth he reaches her moist aroused sex. Grasping her bottom with his hands while skilled tongue strokes, kisses and licks her sacred lips sends her body and mind into deep animal primal instinct overrun with sensations she has never felt before. Cry from her lips leads him into that same primal drive for survival. Leisurely he moves up her body taking in every little curve, dimple, imperfection, making her so perfect and beyond beautiful in his mind. With his lips on hers, tongues entangled their bodies unite... “Ohh”, both groan with inevitable hunger for each other. She feels his hard erect manhood inside her; with all her senses on overload, she moans more deeply, while he embraces her in his arms. He holds her close, kisses her lips, her neck, her breast. She grabs him tighter and she kisses him back; stirring under him, their bodies become one. They modify their moves to the same rhythm... it’s incredible, magnificent, like neither of them have felt before. They move passionately to the sound of music only two of them can hear, their bodies hold each other, intertwined. He moves like a gracious cat thrusting deep inside her and she follows his lead. United moans escort them to the next level, there is no going back. All there is right now is them... experiencing... loving... bonding. They belong to a brand new universe where there is only passion and ecstasy. His pushing in and out quickly makes her body shake and ready to explode. Leaving her lips for a moment he whispers: “Give yourself to me, let go”. And with that one cue she releases her thirst for him sending him into convulsion. With one last deep thrust, his body tenses and he explodes inside her merging their sacred juices. Gently he collapses on top of her holding her tight.

Next, he slides gently out of her crafting one last moan escape her lips and they lay next to each other still holding cozily. His gentle caressing of her skin makes her snuggle closer to him. Inhaling the sweet cherry blossom scent from her hair he huskily whispers: “I love you babe”, and they drift slowly into peaceful nights slumber.  

copyright 2010 by Sanela Kubiak. All rights reserved.