Sunday, January 13, 2013


Quiet drumming of the rain
Against the glass of my window
Wakes me up from uneasy sleep
With soft thunder that follow

I feel the moisture in the air
Surround me in my bed
My eyes open wide in dark
After a whisper next to my head

Slowly I turn toward the noise
Trying to capture the moment
Beautiful eyes meet my stare
Under the moonlight's net

I love you my beautiful
Escapes your sweet lips
While you get closer and
Your hand finds my hips

Your touch makes my body quiver
As I cuddle into your embrace
I love you too my baby
Soft whisper reaches your face

Than terribly loud, scary noise
Wakes me from my night slumber
Slowly I open my sleepy eyes
And turn to my side with next thunder.

Cruel reality sets in
My mind tries to understand
Why do you still hunt me
While I lay next to another man

The time has come once again
To pack my bags and leave
He deserves a woman who loves him
And not the one who doesn't believe

Today is another rainy day
Just like one when I fell in love
But this one has a new promise
For all the things that may come

There are no accidents in life
Wise people always say
I know I will love you till the end of time
But I am ready for a brand new day

copyright 2013 by Sanela Kubiak. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

If I could tell you...

If I could just tell you
All that I feel
I would say I loved you
From far away to near
If I could just tell you
I would say many things
Things I want you to hear
How every time I close my eyes
I see your hazel eyes smiling at me
And I would whisper in your ear
You Just Make Me FEEL
If I could just tell you
The touch of your hands
Made my body shiver
The kiss of your sweet lips
Made my soul quiver
If I could just tell you
Everything my heart does feel
I would wish for you to see
All the things I could see
The beautiful sparkle in your eyes
Every time I was near
I wish I could say to you
The loneliness in my heart
Is too much to fear
I can't lose you again
Now that you're somewhat here
But I can't tell you
All to me you meant
So this just happens to be
Another letter never sent...

copyright 2013 by Sanela Kubiak. All rights reserved.