Thursday, October 31, 2013

What is Love

What is Love?

A question many ask through their lives

Over and over, and then some more

Some say you can’t explain it

You really just know…

What is Love?

Is it that feeling I get inside

Every time you look at me

Or every time you say something,

Past that has been…

What is Love?

Is it the crooked smile

That melts my soul

And takes me back in time

Or every little touch you send my way

That opens the door to past

To what once has been mine

What is Love?

Is it the light I see

Every time you’re near

Our daily little chats,

Or pain without last goodbye

Of the day…

What is Love?

Is it this eager feeling I get

When I know I will see you

And for the moment everything will be alright.

Or is it the bliss I feel when I surround myself

With the true essence of your being

What is Love?

Is it the stab I feel deep inside my chest

Every time you mention her name

Or when you openly express your love to her

While my soul feels defeated

And tears don’t stop falling

Hours and hours in the end

What is Love?

Is it what I’ve been looking for my whole life

Searching for what lingered in my soul

The memory of the time lost long ago

That one sacred love that got stolen

Abruptly taken away from us

Or the reality we both landed in

What is Love?

Is it happiness I feel when you’re around

Connection we share through sands of time

Having these real feelings…

Or knowing that you’re not mine.

But loving you just the same

With no expectations and getting nothing in return…

Giving you everything I got

Secretly loving you till the end of time

But not being able to tell you

It’s not my place to be


Waiting and hoping…

For you

To make things right…

Just being here for you

If you ever will need me…

Maybe, just maybe,

This is LOVE!!!
copyright 2013 by Sanela Kubiak. All rights reserved.