Tuesday, February 01, 2011


This is a little piece we had to write for school last year.

My class was taken to the McCutchan Art Gallery at USI-Evansville for observation with a task in mind to pick a piece of art to write a paper on. At first I thought it would be a difficult task to do, but as I walked through the gallery the beauty of art and my classmates made it a unique and enjoyable experience. Most of the paintings were abstract naked women, which in itself was pretty and very colorful.
I was more or less briefly looking at the pictures across the rooms to see if something would catch my eye. And it did. I saw this little picture, maybe 5”x7” in size. My original attraction to this piece was the beautiful colors of the sunset. I went closer to see the details, and I was pleasantly surprised. It truly spoke to me. It reminded me of the place where I walk daily; My special place, The River Paradise.
An interesting thing about this piece is I could completely visualize myself right there standing in the middle of this two way road. Tall naked trees on both sides, branches touching in the middle above the road, making it look like a tree tunnel. I was looking at a sunset through those trees. Intense red, orange, yellow and blue sky took my breath away. There is a car in the distance with its break lights on, tall grass on the left side of the road and a field on the right side. I could even imagine the river behind the grass.
“As soon as I saw this picture I thought of you”, I was brought back to reality by my classmates voice. I looked at her with a confused look on my face.
“It reminds me of the story you wrote about River Paradise. That is the first thing that came in my mind when I saw it”.
I knew exactly what she was talking about, because that is the very same thing I thought about. Her comment made me feel really good and all fuzzy inside. My original story and this picture of U.S 41 in Indiana were the connection between the two different places, both in Indiana, and among the two people who see beauty in this world the same way.

copyright 2011 by Sanela Kubiak. All rights reserved.

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