Monday, June 13, 2011

The sweet fragrance of Cinnamon

I wrote this on the DC website as the challenge was to recreate a smell or taste that takes you back.... I didn't really think it was any good, but people there liked it; so here it is. :)

            Oh, yes, the smell of cinnamon.  Every time I smell cinnamon I go back in time to when I was a little girl.  I remember our little kitchen/pantry like I am standing in it at this very moment.  Many days when I was growing up, I would wake up to the sweet spicy aroma and I would know exactly what was happening in the kitchen.  I would jump out of my bed and run in the kitchen to greet my mom.  And, as always she would be standing in the kitchen busy cooking.  First I would stand right in the doorway and just take in the scent of the cinnamon mixed with sugar.  I would look around throughout our little kitchen.  Right of me was our little table that had four mismatched chairs.  On the table, right in the middle was always this little yellow plastic napkin holder.  Right next to the table was our old fridge with scratches going down on both sides of it. The top of the fridge was full of pots and pans stacked neatly.  The wall on the far right accommodated the sink and cabinets.  I remember them being this reddish brown color with bright white handles.  And of course in front of me was this little window looking out in our yard and our shed that held the tools for our little garden.  At the end of the little tour of our little kitchen to the left of me was just enough room for the old wood and coal stove.  By this time my mom would notice me standing in the door and she would say: “Why don’t you close the door and stay awhile?” She would smile at me and point to the table for me to sit.  After I would sit at the table my mom would bring homemade crepes stuffed with cinnamon and sugar.  The second round would be the ones stuffed with euro cream.  It is one of the sweet memories I have from my childhood and I have learned to make those for my own kids.  I guess it is kind of a little family tradition when it comes to the sweet crepes. 

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