Monday, June 18, 2012

Morning Dream

This dream is haunting me... in a good way... Enjoy this little piece of my heaven. :)

I opened my eyes to the curtains dancing on a gentle summer's breeze. The aroma of ocean's salty mist tickled my nose, and I stretched, like a cat after a long nap, making ruffles in white silky sheets, looking around absorbing the beauty of my room. Daisies, beautiful flowers, he himself cut for me the previous day, were on the desk next to the window with some magazines spread around. The room was simple, yet beautiful with the serene feeling all around. I heard familiar music playing in the kitchen and the sweet scent of fresh cut fruit and French toast with freshly brewed coffee made me feel hunger. I got up and wrapped my body in a silky smooth sheet I was covered with and walked to the kitchen slowly. I caught the glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought to myself how happy I looked, with my morning messy hair and a white shiny glow around me. I realized how beautiful I felt at the moment and I knew deep inside there was no other place I would rather be... I peeked my head through the opening of the kitchen and there he was in all his glory, wearing only his pajama pants, I could see the outline of all the magnificence of his body in the sun light.  Sun rays were playing on his smooth muscles of his chest creating beautiful shadows where my fingers teased and caressed his skin the night before. His arms were flexing while cutting sweet juicy watermelon in tiny bite size cubes. His angel voice singing my favorite song melted my heart, his lion-like pouncing on the floor to the beat of the music made me want him that much more… He looked up, his striking chocolate brown, almond shaped eyes revealed pure love. He’s smile brightened the room, his husky voice sent chills through my body as he said: “Good morning beautiful, hope I didn’t wake you up”.  I smiled and nodded as to say no. With the grace of a wild cat he walked toward me, grabbed my arms and started kissing me, holding me, stroking my back and my arms. The time stopped, there was nothing else, just him and I, in that kitchen, surrounded by splendor and passion….
copyright 2012 by Sanela Kubiak. All rights reserved.

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