Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Looking up I see You

 My soul grins and smiles

My heart skips a beat

Then races for miles.

Looking down I see kittens

Without worry and free

They make me think

How nice it is to just be.

I look to the side and see him

Broken, hurt and alone

Makes me wish I could change

Things from the past with a wand.

There in my face I see her

So much pain and hurt

She brings to all involved

I’m angry, tired and burnt.

Looking outside I see injustice

Fairness is not for all

Much suffering everywhere

I wish I could curl up in a ball.

Everywhere I look I see me

Happy, sad, angry, loved

Reflections are in the mirrors

They bring my shadows out.

Many lessons to learn

For sure many more will come

All I need is some Balance

Humility, Wisdom and Love.

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