Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I did not write this, but I think it's very good. I finally got an OK to post it.

As he watches the curtain fall
His life and his dreams torn
He feels his love and lust call
Alas he thinks, Nevermore

One last valiant effort he gives
Complete with roses and rhyme
He professes without her he cannot live
Nothing he does can undo what happened over time

He experiences remorse and regret
He has no hatred for soulmates have none
The love he lost he can never forget
He hopes and he dreams once again two will be one

Try and try again there is no surrender
He sees her confusion and for solution he vows
There is no use he is not a pretender
The strength of his love not even heaven knows

He shows her paths to an answering
She is receptive to his changes and newness
He recalls the choices and all the meandering
He reassures it is nothing new but mearly self awareness

Once again she shares a loving kiss
She thanks him for his compassion and caring
He is reminded of what he painfully does miss
Alas the curtain may fall but for true love there is no comparing

copyright 2010 by PEKubiak. All rights reserved.

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