Sunday, November 07, 2010


A friend of mine wrote this. Please give him some encouragement to keep writing.

I found you there, in my dream,
Standing on oaken tower stairs.
You were walking up toward me
Pausing only one step away, just to smile.

I wasn't sure, having just only arrived,
Why it was we were there in that space.
I only knew that as the clouds swam
Through the air and your eyes, I was Home.

In an ageless moment I took in the way the Helios glint
Washed soft over your smooth, tinted skin,
And the dance He played on your long burnished hair
Was akin to his twilight gasp on dark water.

I had known you for seconds and all of my life
By the gentleness coming forth from your eyes.
The purse of your lips as they stepped up from below
Soon met mine in a tender embrace.

My soul sang with your warmth as you drew close,
Our arms drawing us tenderly tight.
For all of my life I have sought such a connection
To bring meaning to dark, empty nights.

This was a Dream, and yet what is real?
I asked myself quietly as I awoke.
I turned to the window and out to the Night
Wondering your name, and if you lie awake, touched.

copyright 2010 by Nathan Frens. All rights reserved.

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