Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Orange and a Car

We had this assignment in school and I think it turned out "cute". lol.

Orange is a citrus fruit that we eat, and a car is wheeled motor vehicle which we use for transportation. They don’t sound anything alike you might think, or do they? They are similar in so many ways, but most people will never think of it when you just mention the actual words. You need to look much deeper into both to realize how different they appear to be, and yet how similar they really are. Both of these items might be orange in color, and many cars can also smell like oranges. Oranges originated in Southeast Asia, and so did many car models. Orange is round in shape, and lately many car models have very rounded shapes to them.

Just recently I was visiting some relatives in Japan, and we decided to go visit a car show. Let’s talk about some amazing eye candy here, but I have to admit my favorite was the Orangemobile. When I saw it, I just had to check into this. They were even offering test drives. Of course my friend and I had to go for one. Orangemobile goes from 0 mi/hr to 65 mi/hr in 4.6 seconds. The outside shell of the car looks just like an orange, the fruit. The paint has texture on it to resemble the actual peel. When you open the door to get in, it looks like you are peeling an orange. The interior is orange in color and the seats are actually gel filled. The interior smells very citrusy. Driving the Orangemobile actually makes you hungry for some juicy fruit.

You see, they seem to be very different at a first glance, but the new technology was able to combine the two and make it very enjoyable for us, the consumers. If nothing else, both of these things make us happy. One satisfies our hunger for a healthy meal and the other satisfies our hunger for speed. In this wonderful world you just have to believe that anything is possible.

copyright 2010 by Sanela Kubiak. All rights reserved.

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